How to choos a Poolex swimming pool heat pump

To do this we need 2 criteria:

  • The volume of your pool
  • Your geographical area

Measure the volume of your pool

There are several ways to measure the water volume of your pool according to the form of it:
Here W = Width, l = length AveD= Average Depth , MaxD = Max Depth, MinD = Minimal depth, Ø = Diameter

Begin by measuring the average depth with the following formula:

AveD = (MaxD + MinD)/2
Piscine Carré et Rectangle Square or Rectangle
W x l x AveD
Piscine ronde Round
Ø x Ø x AveD x 0,78
Piscine Ovale Oval
W x l x AveD x 0,86
Piscine Quelconque Miscellaneous form
W (the biggest) x l (the biggest) x AveD x 0,85

For geographical area, before choosing your heat pump definitively, talk to your dealer.