POOLEX believes that regions with cold climates have the right to their own heat pump, which is why POOLEX developed the ARTIC LINE.

The ARTIC LINE Heat Pump solves the problem of heating pools all year round, even in the middle of winter.

Thanks to the high capacity of its Heavy Tech compressor it's possible to increase the flow of Refrigerant even when the temperature is too low.

This translates into remarkable performance even over very low temperature ranges with a COP of 3.02 at -7°C or 2.12 at -25°C. This remarkable performance make the Artic Line ideal for mountainous regions and extreme climates. Likewise, it allows you to use your heat pump all year round, whatever the outside temperature. Even at -25°C you will halve your energy consumption with the Artic Line.

Advantages :

  • 4-season technology
  • Exclusive Heavy Technology compressor
  • Operates down to -25°C
  • LCD control box with performance indicator
  • Ultra-quiet & economical
  • Twisted Tech© Titanium heat exchanger
  • Compatible with Salt treatment

Garanties :

  • Heat pump guaranteed for 2 years
  • Compressor guaranteed for 5 years
  • Titanium coil guaranteed 15 years against corrosion
Patented Antigel System
Touch and Go
Ecological Refrigerant R410
Model Artic Line 150
Swimming Pool volume (m3) From 45 to 65
Condition :
Air 26°C
Water 26°C
Hygro 80% 
Capacity (W) 15000
Power Consumption (W) 2630
COP 5,7
Condition :
Air 15°C
Water 26°C
Hygro 70% 
Capacity (W) 11400
Power Consumption (W) 2260
COP 5,04
Condition :
Air -25°C
Water 26°C
Hygro 70%
Capacity (W) 3450
Power Consumption (W) 1630
COP 2,12
Power supply Mono 230V/50Hz
Max. power (W) 4180
Max. current (A) 18
Heating temperature range 9°C / 40°C
Operating range -25°C / 43°C
Flow (m3/h) 5
Refrigérant R410A
Packaging dimensions (mm) 1242 x 485 x 844
Dimensions (mm) 1215 x 485 x 713
Net/Gross weight (kg) 100 / 112
Noise at 1 m(dB(A)) <50
Noise at 4 m(dB(A)) <40
Noise at 10 m(dB(A)) <31
Compressor type Rotary
Brand of compressor Hitachi
Heat exchanger Double titanium coil
Fuction Auto / Heating / Cooling
Load loss (mCE) 1,3

* Standard Européen en condition Air 26°C, Eau 26°C, et Hygro 70% certifié par TÜV

Packaging cartonné

Delivered on wooden pallets

Connecteurs PVC

Protective cover

prise électrique

Maintenance kit including multi-language user manual

prise électrique

PVC connectors
50mm Ø 1" 1/2

prise électrique

Wired Control Extension (10m)

prise électrique

Condensation Drainage pipe

prise électrique

Anti-vibration support kit

Garantie 2 ans

Heat pump guaranteed for 2 years

Garantie 5 ans compresseur

Compressor guaranteed for 5 years

Garantie 15 ans échangeur titane

Titanium coil guaranteed 15 years against corrosion