Your choice must be made according to the following criteria:

  • The volume of the pool
  • Pool insulation (underground, semi-underground and above-ground pools have a different rate)
  • The geographical area
  • The level of sunshine
  • Insulating blanket (bubble cover or rolling shutter)
  • The temperature you want to reach

For example :In the Paris region, for a swimming pool of 8 x 4 m and 1.5 m deep (totaling 42 m3), you will have to opt for a Poolex Jetline Selection 95 heat pump.

It is best if your pond is equipped with a bubble cover or rolling shutter to prevent temperature loss during the night.

Although the recommended water temperature to avoid damaging the liner in your pool is 27°C, you may want a higher temperature (30°C), which requires extra effort from your heat pump . In this case, we advise you to oversize the power of your heat pump by opting for a larger model than expected. This way you can reach the desired temperature faster without overheating your heat pump.

Although the performance of the Poolex heat pump ranges is considerable, they do not allow all-season use. Indeed, they would not offer a significant enough yield to heat an outdoor pool in winter and allow swimming.

In contrast, the Hybrid ranges fall into the category of 4-season heat pumps: its integrated electric heater allows it to continue operating where other heat pumps stop. You even have the possibility to couple the 2 energies (hydro thermal + electric) for a faster heating.

Coming from the latest innovations, the Poolex heat pump is one of the most reliable in its range thanks to the quality of the materials used:

  • Titanium exchanger with Twisted Tech © Titane technology with PVC tank guaranteed 15 years against corrosion
  • A very powerful and ultra quiet compressor Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Daikin, Panasonic, Copeland, or Danfoss
  • A refrigerant with superior energy efficiency and no impact on the ozone layer : R410A gas
  • A last generation exportable control box allowing greater autonomy of the device

The long experience of these brands in the field of electronics testifies to a great reliability. They are all internationally known, particularly in the heat pump and air conditioning sector.
The compressors they develop combine the latest technologies to ensure high-quality, high-performance products that respect the environment.

By using compressors of such brands, the Poolex heat pump ranges are becoming sustainable quality products.

The consumption of your Poolex heat pump will depend on several criteria:

  • The insulation of the pool, because the pools undergroud, semi-underground and above ground have a different rate
  • the geographical area
  • the level of sunshine
  • Insulating blanket (bubble cover or rolling shutter)

The Poolex pool heat pump manufacturer's warranty is as follows:

  1. The compressor is guaranteed during 5 years
  2. The TITANIUM tube exchanger is guaranteed 15 years against chemical corrosion
  3. The other components of the capacitor are covered for a warranty period of 2 years

The effective date of the warranty is the billing date.

Be aware though that this warranty does not apply to all models and also in the following cases:

  1. Malfunction or damage resulting from installation, use or repair not in accordance with safety instructions
  2. Malfunction or damage due to improper pool chemical properties
  3. Malfunction or damage resulting from unsuitable conditions for the intended use of the device
  4. Damage resulting from negligence, accident or force majeure
  5. Malfunction or damage resulting from the use of unauthorized accessories

When receiving your Poolex heat pump, we strongly encourage you to check the condition of all merchandise,namely the packaging and the product. Do not hesitate to open the package in front of the carrier to make your report in his presence.

If you notice that the product has been damaged during transport, refuse it because without it, no reservation will be admissible after the departure of the carrier.
Also note that the mention "Subject to unpacking" has no legal value.

Transport colis Poolex

The refrigerant contained in the Poolex heat pump requires it to be stored and transported upright on a pallet and in its original packaging.

If the unit is stored or transported in a horizontal position, put it back in the upright position and wait at least 24 hours before plugging it in and turning it on.

To make a hydraulic connection with By Pass kit please follow these steps:

  • Step 1 : Take the necessary measures for cutting your pipes
  • Step 2 : Cut the PVC pipes with a saw by making a straight cut
  • Step 3 : Deburr the ends of the cut pipes with glass paper
  • Step 4 : Apply stripper on the ends of the pipes that will be connected
  • Step 5 : Apply the glue in the same place
  • Step 6 : Join the pipes with the Bypass fittings
  • Step 7 : Perform your hydraulic assembly
  • Step 8 : Clean the remaining glue on the PVC
Coupe du tuyau
The filter should be cleaned regularly to keep the water clean and to avoid problems with the dirt or clogging of the filter.

To make an electrical connection, please follow these steps :

  • Step 1 : Remove the screws needed to dismantle the panel and access the electrical panel
  • Step 2 : Insert the cable into the unit of the heat pump through the opening provided for this purpose
  • Step 3 : Attach the cable to the terminal according to the L / N / (single-phase) or R / S / T / N (three-phase) marks. Make the connection correctly by following the marks and the color of the cables
  • Step 4 : Close the heat pump panel carefully
  • Step 5 : Properly connect the signal cable ends to the central control box
Branchement électrique Poolex

Terminals P1 and P2 allow you to connect the filter pump (or auxiliary pump) to your heat pump to program a servo.

For the electrical connection of your Poolex heat pump, it is recommended to use a power cable RO2V3 x 2.5mm².

If you wish to slave the filter pump to the heat pump, you must connect your filter pump to your heat pump via terminals P1 and P2.

To do this, know that:
If the consumption of your filter pump does not exceed 5 amperes (1000W) you can connect directly to the P1 / P2 terminals with a standard 220-volt power relay to be coupled with a 20-amp magnetothermal protection.

Beyond 5 amps, you must go through a power relay to make your connections.

There really is no ideal distance to install your heat pump to your pool.
The point is to make the right compromise between a sufficient distance to minimize the noise and a correct distance between your PAC and your pool in order to avoid the losses of piping.

However, consider installing a 30 milliampere magnetothermal protection at the meter outlet to protect the line and the pump. There is no risk of electrocution but we advise you to place the heat pump at 10m from the basin to reduce noise.

The Bypass Kit is a kit with 3 valves, 2 T, 2 elbows 50 mm diameter, 1 stripper and 1 glue.

It will allow you to easily make your hydraulic connection.

Set the bypass and the adjustment valves as follows:

  • Valve V1 fully open
  • Valve V2 fully open
  • V3 valve half open

We recommend that you open the intermediate valve only halfway to prevent your heat pump from getting into error due to too much water pressure.

If your setting is correct, your heat pump pressure gauge will display:
Important Note: The position of the manometer needle also depends on the outside temperature. Outside the summer period, it is not uncommon for the needle to be positioned below 300 PSI while your heat pump is running. This is perfectly normal given the ambient air temperature.

Rest assured, this phenomenon is completely normal.
Your heat pump went to sleep after reaching the required temperature (in this case: 26°C).
It will only restart when the temperature of your pool has dropped by 3 °C compared to the required temperature (26-3 = 23 °C). This is the temperature delta.

The temperature of your pool is currently 24°C (in this case), your heat pump is still waiting for an additional drop of 1°C to restart.

When using it for the first time or after a wintering period, it will take a few days for your heat pump to warm up to the desired temperature.
That's why we recommend that you first let your heat pump run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, covering the pool with a bubble cover at night until it reaches the desired temperature.
Be aware that depending on the type of installation, it may be that one week of operation is not enough. Do not hesitate to leave the heat pump running longer.
In order to avoid operating the heat pump unnecessarily, it is advisable to set the set temperature to the temperature you really want.

Then you can run your heat pump as you like to maintain the desired temperature.

During the first months of use, your heat pump will experience a condensation phenomenon, which is normal.
This will result in water flows, more or less important, which will fade as and when.
To avoid these condensate flows, we recommend that you install a condensate drain kit (optional).

To install it, simply plug the plug into the drain hole below the heat pump (see diagram).
For an optimal installation of the kit, make sure that the heat pump is elevated 100mm above the ground with solid, moisture-resistant studs.

Your heat pump will continue to operate as long as the water flow is sufficient. If not, the dashboard will display a "Pd error" and the heat pump will stop working.

You can check the water flow by observing your pressure gauge which should be around 400 PSI when your heat pump is running.

Poolex PACs do not operate without water circulation through the filter pump. If the latter stops, a flow detector will put the heat pump in a protective stop. Filtration must be running all the time the PAC is in action.
However, it is possible to operate the PAC by equipping you with an auxiliary pump to connect to the filter pump.
In order to avoid any water flow problem, the Poolex and Jetline PACs have a filtration management system that activates it 30 seconds before starting.

To winterise your heat pump, please follow these steps:

  • Switch off the heat pump
  • Close valves 1 and 2 of BY-PASS and open valve 3
  • Disassemble the two inlet and outlet water connections on the side of the heat pump to drain the water condenser and avoid the risk of freezing
  • Screw both connections in one turn to prevent foreign body from entering the condenser
  • Check that nothing has settled under the heat pump and clean with a vacuum cleaner or a broom
  • Carefully wrap the heat pump in its winter cover
Schema Hivernage PAC

Winter cover
Specially designed for Poolstar heat pumps, it protects the pump during the winter period. It is made of EVA, anti-dust, anti-UVA and anti-UVB material. This cover is available as an option.
House Hivernage

Your heat pump will continue to operate as long as the water flow is sufficient. Otherwise, the dashboard will display a "Pd error".
If this happens, you must first open the V1 and V2 Valves completely and handle the Bypass Valve V3 to increase the water pressure.
If the error is still present, check the status of the flow sensor by doing the following:

  • Close the V1 and V2 valves
  • Take the hose out of Valve V1
  • Check that nothing obstructs the flow sensor tab and clean it if necessary
  • If not, check the electrical contact
  • If the error persists, replace the sensor

If a radiator fin is inadvertently twisted, this will not affect the operation of the heat pump. There is no need to worry.

All the answers to the operating questions of heat pumps can be found in the User Manuals available for download at:pdfDocumentation page

Because our priority is to ensure your satisfaction, Poolex guarantees a quality technical support in case of problem encountered after your purchase.

After-sales service (Service) Poolex is a team of technicians available Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 12:30 and from 14 to 17:30. Just ask your question by completing our Contact form.

The Poolex Service Department undertakes:

  • To provide an answer (by phone or email) within 72 hours
  • In case of minor problem, to send you the parts necessary for the repair of your heat pump as soon as possible by offering a telephone support
  • In case of problem requiring the expertise of a technician, to carry out the repair of your heat pump within 48 hours after receiving the device in our premises or replace your heat pump in case of out of stock of spare parts

In order to respond to your request as quickly and accurately as possible, our technical team needs all the information regarding the problem you have encountered.

That's why we put in place atechnical form which will allow our technicians to make a first diagnosis and contact you within 72 hours to give you the procedure to follow.

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