Poolex Premium Warranty

For stores only, the Poolex Premium range benefits from an extended warranty on all of its components.

Heat Pump 3-year warranty on site:

  • All heat pump components are guaranteed for 3 years against manufacturing defects.
  • The 3-year on-site warranty applies only to the refrigerant gas circuit, namely: compressor, exchanger and evaporator, as well as all sensors and valves on the cooling circuit, requiring the intervention of a refrigeration technician.
  • Electrical and electronic parts subject only to sending defective part.
  • On-site troubleshooting is carried out, following our authorisation, by our network of professional refrigeration engineers authorized to handle the refrigerant gases used by Poolex heat pumps.

7-year warranty applicable on the compressor.

15-year warranty on the exchanger is applicable in the event of corrosion to the exchanger interior coil.