3 good reasons to choose a Spawer?

1. Heat and Save

Enjoy your spa and lower your electricity bill

Heating the bathwater represents the most significant expense for a spa. Over the year, for a typical spa, expect over €500* in electricity costs.

The spa water is heated by an electric heater, which consumes an average of 203 kWh per month. Whereas the Spawer heat pump only consumes 70 kWh. As a result, you can reduce your electricity bill by about €330 annually**.

How is this possible? For each kilowatt restored, the heater consumes 1 kW, while a heat pump uses about 0.3 kW thanks to its coefficient of performance**.

* Approximate calculation for a spa with a volume of 1,000 liters for 5 people
** Estimate for a heat pump with an average COP of 3

2. Ideal Temperature

With the reversible mode, cooler water when it's hot outside

With the nice weather, you'll equally want to enjoy your spa. The days get longer, the evenings are planned: it's the perfect opportunity to spend time with your loved ones.

But under higher ambient temperatures, the spa water can feel a bit too warm.

Thanks to the reversible mode of the Spawer, you avoid wasting water by partially draining the tub to add fresh water. Simply choose the Cooling mode.

3. Schedule Your Session

In the middle of a busy day, I connect and manage my spa

A change of plans in the middle of the day? Eventually, you'll spend a relaxing evening in your spa.

It's time to log in to your app and check if all the settings are good.

You might want to adjust the water temperature or the operating mode. You can even schedule the operating hours of your Spawer.

Up to 75%
energy savings

compared to your built-in electric heater

On average:

kW consumed
kW produced

To heat and maintain the water temperature, all spas use an electric heater, an extremely energy-consuming technology as it consumes 1kW of electricity to produce 1kW of heat in the water. To generate heat, a heat pump captures calories from the air, with no calories created by electrical resistance.
Thus, on average, a heat pump provides 5kW of energy for 1kW consumed depending on the air temperature. This is known as the Coefficient of Performance (COP).

The Touch Screen
To control your Spawer

A contemporary and colorful design to provide you with the most optimal user experience. Control your spa heat pump: adjust the temperature, choose the operating mode (Heating / Cooling / Auto)…

The detachable touch screen is included for IceSpa and available as an option for O'Spa.



5 kW

Full Inverter power up to -25°C

Ideal for extreme climates

Reversible hot/cold

Control via Wi-Fi connection

Detachable touchscreen

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3 kW 5 kW

Compact and efficient for hot and temperate climates

Ideal for temperate climates

Reversible hot/cold

Control via Wi-Fi connection

Ultra compact

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A French design

An innovative brand

A dedicated Research & Development department

Modern, distinctive design

Cutting-edge technologies

Forerunner in Full Inverter + energy-saving technology

Wifi remote control

100% French after-sales service

3-year premium warranty

100% FRENCH advice & after-sales service

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