A partnership between

Poolstar and TCL join forces to develop a revolutionary product for the future of swimming pools: Poolican.

This next-generation pool manager is the result of Poolstar's expertise as a major and innovative player in the pool industry and TCL's know-how in designing intelligent electronic products.

Their Research and Development teams have collaborated, providing pool owners with an unparalleled management experience.

I place, I connect, I Poolican.

- Manager for pools up to 25m³, ultra-connected -

Economical circulation Cartridge filtration Full Inverter Heating Salt treatment
The revolution for contactless maintenance!

Take a step back from your pool

Poolican is a revolutionary pool manager. Compact, it plugs into a power outlet near your pool. Thanks to its advanced technology, it ensures water treatment, purity, and temperature control.

Forget maintenance worries and fully enjoy your pool with Poolican.

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This revolution includes 4 essential elements:

Circulation pump:

ensures the passage of water from the pool to the hydraulic system

Cartridge filter:

captures all impurities in the water

Salt electrolyzer:

naturally disinfects the water

Reversible 5kW heat pump:

heats or cools the water according to the season

Your new generation pool manager

For which types of pools?

up to 25m3

Are you looking to install a pool, but the technical room requires space?


Do you already have a pool and feel overwhelmed by all the maintenance required to keep it clean and functional?

Remote Control

The Revolution for Contactless Maintenance

  • Choose your ideal temperature
  • Adjust circulation and filtration
  • Control your salt electrolyzer
  • Program your usage
  • Includes Wi-Fi connection

Easy to install thanks to

Plug & Play

No need for cables or connections between equipment; the Poolican is installed near the poolside and simply plugged into a power outlet. All equipment is configured to treat and heat the water. The surroundings of the pool are now clutter-free.

  • 1. I place
  • 2. I plug in
  • 3. I enjoy

That's so Poolican!

Installation Tutorial

To assist you best with the installation of your Poolican, we have created a tutorial demonstrating how easy it is to install.

YouTube Access

1-2-3-4, like a well-paced melody!


I place my Poolican
near my pool


I plug it into
a power outlet


I connect it
to my pool


I turn on
my Poolican

Customer Reviews

I'm very satisfied with the Poolican, it's perfect. The installation was easy, the filtration system works very well, and the app is easy to use.

Mr. Schenk (57)

I'm very satisfied with my Poolican. The installation was simple, and I appreciate the salt treatment.

Mr. Maximilien (80)

The Poolican, sold as a 4-in-1 assistant, keeps all its promises. I installed it very easily in March 2023, and since then, I control my water quality and its temperature remotely. It's a real comfort in daily life.

C. Prudhomme (66)
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