Why choose a Pool Sam fire protection motor pump?

You are aware of a fire risk that can happen near you?

As a matter of fact, your swimming pool can become your best friend in the event of a fire outbreak.

When using the Pool Sam fire protection motor pump, you immediately provide yourself with a protective shield.

Pool Sam is an emergency device that uses your swimming pool water to light off small fires or limit a fire outbreak while awaiting for the firefighters.

In 2022, almost 2 millions acres went up in smoke in Europe.

In case of emergency, CALL 112. Count 15 minutes on average for the firefighters’ intervention. During this wait that can seem endless, your Pool Sam can be your shield. You can slow down the fire in its progression. You can also wet your dwelling’s walls to protect yourself from heat and smokes.

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Your swimming pool supporting firefighters

A pool’s average volume equals 4 to 5 canadairs.

A significant amount which you can count on while waiting for the firefighters. Take your Pool Sam by the pool, immerse the suction pipe, unroll the delivery pipe and you are ready in just minutes to slow down the fire outbreak from spreading.

Protect yourself from fire outbreaks, heat and smokes

This Pool Sam fire hose comprises 2 operating modes. You can either target and stop a fire outbreak or spread water on your dwellings to protect yourself from heat and smokes when a fire is approaching.


A motor pump that's easy to move in an emergency, a protection system that's quick to deploy

In an emergency, as a true shield companion, your Pool Sam moves around without any difficulty thanks to its carrier on wheels.

Two fixed feet at the front of the equipment ensure stability.

The suction and the delivery pipes unroll in an instant. You are ready in minutes to stop a fire outbreak and wet the area around your property.

Protect your property up 50 meters

Pool Sam is equipped with a 25m suction pipe with a spread capacity of also 25m.

Once you have called 112, quickly unroll your fire protection device. With your swimming pool volume that equals that of several canadairs, you can keep humid a radius up to 50 meters.

Reference PS-POOLSAM1
Capacity 7 HP
Fuel Gas/Petrol SP95 - E10
Oil 10W30, 10W40, 15W30, 15W40
Suction height Up to 7m
Projection height Up to 25m (25 m beyond the hose length)
Total projection capacity 50 m
Pressure/Flow at pump’s outlet 7 bars / 16 m3/h
Pressure/Flow at 25m of hose 7 bars / 16 m3/h
Autonomy 4 hours
Hose 3 positions: Off / Attack / Defence
Dimensions 570 x 540 x 750 mm
Weight 45 kg

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