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Megaline Fi

Full Inverter technology serving communities

for public
swimming pools
down to -15°C
3 versions

The Megaline Fi is a new generation heat pump dedicated to communities.

At Poolex, we understand that heating is an important expense for communities. This is why we have designed the Megaline Fi heat pump.

Full Inverter technology that equips the Megaline Fi enables it to adapts its power according to set temperatures. Compressors and fans modulate their frequencies in real time to provide only the energy needed, thus reducing power consumption and sound pressure for discreet operation.

The Megaline Fi has an intuitive large-format touchscreen control panel, and the heat pump can be controled through Tuya Smart application from wherever you are.

Dressed in a stainless steel casing and structure, the Megaline Fi is ready to meet any challenge. Its new generation Mitsubishi compressors use R32 refrigerant, which is more environmentally friendly and more efficient than R410.

Its large volume connections allow it to adapt naturally to the flow constraints of public facilities.

Convinced of the excellence of its products, Poolex extends the warranty on its heat pump to 3 years, 5 years on the compressor and 15 years against corrosion of the exchanger.

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  • + Optimum performances for very large volumes
  • + Twin rotary scroll compressor
  • + Automatic defrosting through cycle inversion
  • + Automatic thermostatic control
  • + Compatible with salt treatment
  • + Twisted Tech © Titanium heat exchanger
  • + Structure et habillage Inox
Heat pump
Titanium heat exchanger (against corrosion)

Optimized performance for very large volumes

The Megaline Fi has been designed especially for large volume swimming pools of public or collective use.

Available only in three-phase power, this heat pump’s capacity can be increased as needed and precisely adapts itself to the volume of the pool.

Its two compressors double its capacity and the Inverter technology with which the Megaline Fi is equipped allows for a more stable operation while continuously maintaining the set water temperature.

It is equipped with large diameter fittings intended for professional pools.

Twin rotary scroll compressor

As a large volume heat pump, the Megaline Fi is equipped with Scroll compressors consisting of two spirals, one fixed and the other in orbital motion, creating the compression of the refrigerant gas necessary to heat up and cool down the swimming pool water.

This type of compressor optimizes the operation of the heat pump, resulting in a COP of around 7.5 and considerably reducing the noise level.

Megaline Fi compressors are also equipped with Full Inverter technology, meaning that the heat pump functions at variable speed with soft start and an operating regime that adapts itself to the set temperature.

Stainless steel structure and casing

The optimization of Megaline Fi is thought through to the finishes of the heat pump, made of stainless steel, a material known for its resistance against bad weather and corrosion. Outside, in the mountains or by the sea, Megaline Fi is made of the best material to cope with all climate and environmental conditions.

Easy maintenance

The Megaline fi is fitted with a large-format full-colour control panel from which one can fully control the heat pump, from the temperature ranges to the operating hours.

Control the Megaline Fi with ease and remotely with the Wi-Fi functionality and the Tuya Smart application.

Model Megaline Fi 500 Megaline Fi 750 Megaline Fi 1000
Swimming pool volume (m3) Ask for a personal analysis
Air 26°C
Water 26°C
Hygro 80%
Max. power output (kW) 68 102 135
Min. power output (kW) 16.1 24.3 31.9
Power consumption (kW) 9.8~1.2 14.7~1.8 19.3~2.3
COP 13.54~6.93 13.56~6.95 13.59~6.98
Air 15°C
Water 26°C
Hygro 70% 
Max. power output (kW) 50 75 100
Min. power output (kW) 11.7 17.8 23.6
Power consumption (kW) 10.1~1.6 15.1~2.4 20.0~3.1
COP 7.52~4.93 7.55~4.96 7.58~4.99
Power supply Tri 380/415V
Heating temperature range 15°C ~ 40°C
Operating range -15°C ~ 43°C
Max. Power (kW) 14.9 22.4 29.8
Flow (m3/h) 20 30 40
Refrigerant R32
Dimensions (mm) 1252x1076x1865 1252x1076x1865 2148x1076x2176
Net weight (kg) 380 450 760
Noise level at 1 m(dB(A)) ≤70 ≤71 ≤73
Noise level at 10 m(dB(A)) ≤40 ≤41 ≤42
Compressor type Inverter
Compressor brand Mitsubishi
Heat exchanger Twisted Tech© Titanium
Function Heating (Full Inverter) / Cooling (Full Inverter) / Eco
Load losses (mCE) 4 4.2 4.8
heat pump configurator A simple tool to find the perfect heat pump for any type of swimming pool
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