Don’t focus on its small size, because the Chloé electrolyser proves its power through its features. It works by electrolysing the salt which has been added to the pool water beforehand and provides effective, odourless disinfection without the need to add any chemical product, and it’s gentle on the skin.

Chloé, which operates from 3.2 g/L of salt in the water and is available in 4 versions for pools from 25 to 115 m3, stands out thanks to its different operating modes (Automatic, Winterizing or Shock Chlorination), its intuitive control pannel and, above all, its reverse polarity self-cleaning titanium cell.

Maintenance is child’s play as it is equipped with different sensors. These can be used to stop the electrolysis if salt level or water flow is too low and, as such, protect the cell.

In addition, Poolex proposes an automatic cover detection module which automatically limits chlorine production when the pool is covered.


  • Natural disinfection without chemical product
  • ‘‘Long life’’ self-cleaning titanium cell by reversed polarity
  • Low salinity operation: 3,2g/L
  • Flow level detector included
  • 3 operating modes
  • Salinity and flow level alarm
  • Replacement cell available in retail


  • 3 years on panel + cell
Model Chloe CL10 Chloe CL15 Chloe CL20 Chloe CL30
Swimming pool volume (m3) 35 50 75 115
Production g/h 10 15 20 30
Connection 50mm
Salinity 3.2 à 4ppm
Protection IP64
Automatic pool cover detector Yes
Self cleaning Automatic by reverse polarity
Alarms Salt level too high / too low, insufficient water flow
Cell orientation Horizontal
Control panel dimensions (mm) 230x360x145
Cell dimensions with connectors (mm) 400x120
Modes Automatic / Winterizing / Shock chlorine

Operating principle

Electrolysis disinfection is a chemical process that transforms the salt in water into a disinfecting agent (hypochlorite ions). This hypochlorite is re-transformed into salt when it comes in contact with organic compounds (bacteria, cells) or under the effect of light, as such renewing the cycle to move through the electrolyser again.

electrolysis cell

Electrolysis cell

The Chloé electrolysis cell is made of Ruthenium-coated titanium plates. This surface treatment reduces clogging and is combined with a reverse polarity self-cleaning system.

flow detector

Flow detector

The Chloé electrolyser is equipped with a flow detector (aka flow switch) and a salt level detection system. These two features combined enable you to safely and easily tailor chlorine production for an optimized cell’s lifetime.

schock chlorine mode

"Shock Chlorine" mode

One-shot intensive use? An incident impacting your pool’s hygiene? The SuperChlorine mode enables you to increase chlorine production to 100% for 24h to treat your pool immediately.

3 years warranty

Panel + Cell: 3 years warranty

Product Datasheet