Turbo Salt

Compact swimming pool electrolyser

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A concentrate of technologies for naturally healthy water.

Salt electrolysis, for a healthy pool, without chemicals.

Whether for an above-ground pool or an in-ground pool, treatment by salt electrolysis has many advantages, starting with the financial aspect.

Without the indispensable chlorine tablets, you load your water with sea salt at a rate of 3g per litre of water. The electrolyser generates chlorine from the salt in the water. Once its disinfecting action is complete, the chlorine becomes salt again. The Turbo Salt runs a true virtuous circle.

Available for pools from 10 to 80m3, the Turbo Salt comes with 50mm (1' 1/2) and 32/38mm connections. Supplied with a wall or floor support, this electrolyser adapts to all types of filtration and its ultra-compact size allows it to be installed in the smallest technical rooms.

Apart from the economic aspect, salt water chlorination has many other advantages. No more chemical odours and no more storage of chlorine tablets. Its use is also simplified as chlorine production is controlled from the touch of a button based on weahter conditions and pool usage.

This type of treatment is much gentler to the skin, eyes, hair and mucous membranes, especially for people prone to irritation.

With Turbo Salt, you can keep your pool water fresh longer: by using fewer chemicals, you avoid the stabiliser saturation of chlorine pebbles.

Did you know?
The salt content of seawater is around 34g/L of water, whereas an electrolyser operates at 3g/L.


  • + Natural disinfection through electrolysis
  • + Compact and intuitive
  • + 32 to 50 mm compatible connections
  • + Multi-positions fixation support
  • + 30 mA differential power socket

natural treatment

The principle is simple: it breaks down the salt contained in the water into chlorine and sodium: a more natural disinfection than chlorine pebbles..

Electrolysis disinfection is a chemical process that transforms the salt in water into a disinfectant (hypochlorite ions). This hypochlorite is reverts back into salt when it comes into contact with organic components (bacteria, cells) or under the effect of light, thus renewing the cycle to pass through the electrolyser again.

Ultra compact and easy install

With its control panel integrated to the cell, the Turbo Salt requires little installation space: 20 cm at most.

All-in-one equipment also means simplified installation. This new generation chlorinator requires a single point connection to the hydraulic circuit.

4 operating modes + 2 Boost modes

The operating modes of the Turbo Salt are more intuitively defined. You don't need to be a technician to know which mode to activate, just select the current season: Spring, Summer, Comfort.

And if you have an increase in usage or a sudden change in weather, simply press the Boost or Boost++ button to boost up water disinfection for 24 hours. Your chlorinator will automatically return to the usual treatment.

Compatible with all above ground and in ground swimming pools

Whether your pool is above ground or in ground, it can be treated naturally. The Turbo Salt is installed on the hydraulic system, whichever pool model you have. Your pool is treated with salt, more economical and more ecological.

Low salinity 3g/L

In other words, your pool is disinfected with a very low salt level of 3 grams per litre. The Turbo Salt is an equipment that is economical.

The water in your pool remains clear without the odours and harmful effects of chemicals.

Cell guaranteed “Long Life” 7,000 hours

With 7,000 hours of operating capacity at a minimum, the Turbo Salt swimming pool electrolyser cell only needs to be changed after several years of use.

Convinced of the quality of its electrolysers for swimming pools, Poolstar guarantees the Turbo Salt for up to 3 years!

Reference CL-TS100 CL-TS200 CL-TS300 CL-TS400 CL-TS600 CL-TS800
Pool volume (m3) 10 20 30 40 60 80
Production (g/h) 2 4 6 8 12 18
Connection 50mm to glue / adapters 32/38mm
Salinity 3.5 ppm
Protection IPX4
Self-cleaning With reverse polarity
Alarms Too much / not enough salt, water flow not fast enough
Cell orientation Horizontal or vertical
Box dimensions 125 x 160 x 145 mm 125 x 160 x 190 mm
Cell dimensions Length 40cm with connectors - DN 50mm
Modes Automatic / Winterizing / Shock Chlorine
Warranty Control panel 3 ans / Cell 7,000h
2x 50mm connections to glue
2x 32/ 38mm connections
30 mA differential power socket
Multi-positions fixation support
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