New Generation High Efficiency Polymer Filter Media

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The ideal solution to replace your filtration sand

This filter medium made of polymer fibers favorably replaces the sand, glass or zeolite in the sand filter. It is a new material that filters water without additives or additional chemicals.

PureFlow® is of textile origin: it consists of compacted fibers of various types and thicknesses. Fiber thickness and density is calculated based on usage.

Ultra light, 320g of PureFlow replaces 25kg of sand! It allows filtration at 10 µm, does not create a biofilm, reduces backwashing and limits the pressure in the filter.


  • + Economical
  • + Extremely light
  • + Stable and non-agglomerating filtration elements
  • + Suited to any type container
  • + Long-term use
  • + No increase in filter pressure
  • + No clogging
Model 130 gr 500 gr
Reference JL-P12058 JL-P14113
Sand equivalent 10 kg 38 kg
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