Filtration group

Filtration dedicated to above ground swimming pools

For swimming pools
up to 20 m3
60 w
water flow
3,03 m3/h

Filtration group, compact, easy to install and use, no particular requirements.

This filtration group is a formidable ally for every owner of an above ground pool. Its integrated 60W pump comes with a tank that holds the filter media of your choice (sand, glass or Pureflow polymer filter ).

This model is perfectly suited to above ground swimming pools with a volume up to 20m3.

This 2 in 1 group ensures both pumping and filtration to maintain your swimming pool water clean and safe. Impurities are retained within the filtering media inside the tank. The filter is equipped with a pre-filter that retains excessively large particles avoiding any damage to the pump. Its multiport valve (6 way) supports several functions: self cleaning, filtration, drainage, rinse …


  • + Pump and filtration functions
  • + Capacity : 60 W
  • + 6-way valve
  • + Compact design
  • + Water flow: 3.03 m3/h
  • + For swimming pools up to 20m3
Filtration group

Sand Filter

The sand filter is the main element of the filtration group and consists of a tank that is compatible with all three types of filter media recommended to keep your swimming pool clean: quartz or glass sand, and Pureflow foam.

Capacity: 10kg of sand or 130g of Pureflow polymer filter.

Circulation Pump

The pump is discreetly imbedded into the base of the filter unit, including, however, a 60 W motor.

A pre-filter at the pump inlet retains large particles.

In contrast to filter units for small above-ground pools from larger manufacturers, this type of positioning makes the filter unit even more compact and allows it to be installed in the smallest of spaces.

6-way valve

The filter unit is equipped with a 6-way valve with all the functions necessary for a clean and performing swimming pool: filtration, backwash, rinsing, drainage, circulation and closed.

Pressure gauge

Essential to the filtration group, the pressure gauge shows at all time the filtration group state of clogging and its capacity to ensure its function.

Reference JL-P11358FR
Power 220-240V
Maximum water flow 3.03 m³/h
Capacity 60 W
Maximum operating pressure < 0.2/> bar/psi
Efficient filtration surface 0.058 m²
Maximum water temperature 35°C
Recommended media 5.5 kg
Quartz sand or glass No.20 17°C- 35°C
Recommended sand quantity 10 kg
Homogeneous grain coefficient >1.75
Dimensions 37x34x58 cm
Packaging dimensions 37x37x47 cm
Net/gross weight 5.5/6.7 kg
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