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Struggling with pool maintenance?

The Poolex UConnect kit is compatible with all pool heat pumps, regardless of brand.

It comes with 6-meter-long pipes and two 1"½ male connectors.

The Poolex UConnect kit is powered by a 230V/12V transformer that can be connected to your heat pump or directly to your electrical installation.

Easy and versatile installation with the Poolex UConnect kit

The Filter Max introduces a new patented technology with the use of an extremely lightweight ultra-filtration ball basket.

The Poolex UConnect kit installs at the edge of your pool in just minutes. It doesn't need to be fixed and can be removed at any time. Its self-priming system allows for simple and quick startup.

It's compatible with all pool heat pumps, regardless of brand. Its installation doesn't require a By-Pass kit or additional pump. Designed for intensive use, Poolex UConnect comes with a 2-year warranty.

Provided hose Ø 50 mm (1’½): 2 x 5m

Reference PC-UCONNECT2
Power Supply 230 V
Pump Motor 24 V / 85 W
Protection IPX8
Flow Rate 7 m³/h
Connector 1"½
Warranty 2 years
Supplied Hose Ø 50 mm (1’½): 2 x 5m


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230/12v Transformer + 8m of cable


1 power supply unit

2 HP/UC connector pipes (6m)

2 HP adaptors - diameter 30/38mm


1 fixing kit



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A dedicated Research & Development department

Modern, distinctive design

Cutting-edge technologies

Forerunner in Full Inverter + energy-saving technology

Wifi remote control

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3-year premium warranty

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