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The fastest solution to connect your heat pump

Connecting your new heat pump seems complicated? It shouldn’t be. With the Poolex Uconnect, your heat pump is ready to heat up your swimming pool in an instant!

The Poolex UConnect kit can be set up by your pool with no specific fixation required. You will not require any By-Pass or additional pump. You will be able to remove it as easily.

With its 230V/24V transformer, connect your Uconnect to any heat pump or directly to your electrical installation. A LED indicator lights up as soon as it is connected.

The UConnect is equiped with a self-prime system. It is therefore easy to start it.

Your heat pump remains at the recommended distance for all heating installations. With a cable and connectors provided (8 and 6 meters respectively) your heating system is not by the swimming pool.

Designed for intensive use and suited to all types and brands of heat pumps, the UConnect is delivered with a 30-38 mm (1"1/2) adapter for small models.


  • + Compact
  • + Universal connectors
  • + 32/38 mm connector included
  • + Designed for intensive use
  • + Self-priming system
  • + Ever-so simple startup

Fast installation

The UConnect does not require any fixing or complex electrical installation.

Simply place your new equipment at the poolside and connect it directly to your heat pump or electrical system. A LED indicator lights up as soon as it is connected. Your heat pump is ready to heat your pool water.

Compatible with all heat pumps

Whichever is your heat pump size, power and brand. You don’t have to ask yourself the question. The Poolex Uconnect is suited to all heat pumps.

Automatic start-up

The Poolex UConnect kit is equiped with an automatic self-priming function. Your heat pump is ready to heat your pool without delay.

Easy to use with removable handle and LED indicator

Handle your UConnect with ease thanks to the removable handle.

A LED indicator shows the operating status of your equipment. Green as soon as it is powered.

Reference PC-UCONNECT2
Power supply 230 V
Transformer 24 V
Protection IPX8
Min. flow 3,8 m3/h
Max. flow 5,2 m3/h
Adapters 1"1/ 2
Included in the kit 2 x 6m PAC/UC connectors - 2 x 30-38mm heat pump adapters
4 x 30 mm seals - 2 x 38mm seals