Why choose Variline for its swimming pool filtration?

Optimize the performance of your swimming pool heat pump by equipping yourself with a variable speed filtration pump.

The operation of the Variline filtration pump is deployed at 4 programmable speeds which adapt the filtration rate according to the season and the use of your pool: off-peak periods, intensive use, after a shock treatment, or for backwashing. The program can be set with a simple press of the control box to make this swimming pool filtration pump more intuitive to use.

Thanks to its ability to adapt its speed according to the needs of the moment, the Variline operates with more or less high frequency ranges up to 18 hours per day. To be well filtered, swimming pool water must follow a cleaning cycle up to 3 times a day. The filtration pump therefore represents the highest energy consumption of the swimming pool installation.

By equipping yourself with a variable speed swimming pool pump, the water is routed to the hydraulic system and the sand filter over time for slower and more efficient filtration. By constantly operating at low speeds, the Variline greatly reduces its electricity consumption.

Moreover, when using a heat pump, a more constant circulation of water allows a rise in temperature is faster. You save in energy spent.

Another significant advantage relates to the quality of the filtration. A low flow rate means the water passes through the sand filter sand more slowly. It comes out better filtered and cleaner. You will save on pool treatment products.

Largest capacity prefilter

The Variline swimming pool filtration pump is equipped with a large capacity pre-filter with two main advantages.

It is useful and facilitates the priming of the filtration pump.

A large pre-filter catches larger particles before the water is routed to the sand filter for more optimal filtration.

Intuitive surfing control panel

The Variline has an intuitive control panel.

This variable-speed filtration pump has been pre-programmed at the factory and offers cycles carefully studied according to the needs of the pool: filtration, backwashing, heavy traffic, etc. But you can also customize the programming according to the use of your pool and the other equipment you use, such as a heat pump for example.

The intuitive control panel guides you through each programming step.

4 programmable settings

The Variline pool filter pump includes 4 pre-set programs that optimize pool water circulation and filtration.

For optimal filtration, it varies its speed over a period of 18 hours at more or less high frequencies. More continuous but low-flow water circulation and filtration improves water quality, reduces energy consumption by avoiding usage peaks and significantly limits sound pressure for a quieter pump.

Ideal replacement for a single speed pump

If the time has come to replace your classic swimming pool filtration pump, the Variline is the ideal choice.

As a variable speed pump, this pool equipment operates more consistently while regulating its speed to match the filtration need. Consumption peaks are avoided, filtration is more durable, energy consumption is greatly reduced.

Model Variline 15H Variline 10P Variline 15P Variline 20P Variline 30P
Pool volume (m3) 75 50 75 85 100
Useful power (CV) 1.5 1.0 1.5 2.0 3.0
Connector diameter 1.5’’x1.5’’ 2"x2"
Motor type Permanent magnet synchronous
Output 80%
Speed modulation 450 - 3450 tr/min
Flow at 10 mce (m3/h) 17.5 19 22 24.3 28.2

Max. flow (m3/h)

21 23 27 29 33.3
Max. dynamic head (m) 22 24 25 26
Power supply Mono 230 V - 50 Hz
Dimensions in mm (L x W x H) 596x270x306 605x270x338
Max. current (A) 5.5 7 8 10
Warranty 3 years

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