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Why choose the Mag Fi swimming pool heat pump

The Full Inverter technology on the swimming pool heat pump brings only benefits. A significant reduction in electricity consumption and acoustic pressure, and an increased lifespan due to its gradual startup.

Specifically designed to make your life easier, the Mag Fi heat pump is controlled at your fingertips via its WiFi connection.

Thanks to its reversible technology, it can cool the water but also use its defrost mode to optimize temperature rises.

With the integrated WiFi module, control your swimming pool heat pump remotely from your smartphone.

Designed as a premium heat pump, it inherits their performance in an ultra-compact size, and its weight allows it to be easily transported once the season is over.

Full inverter technology + energy savings

Already popular in the sectors of home heating and air conditioning, Full Inverter technology allows intelligent operation of your heat pump through precise adjustment of the fan and compressor.

The compressor starts gradually. An automatic regulator boosts the capacity of the heat pump for a rapid temperature rise when the set temperature is far from the pool temperature. During the season, and to maintain the set temperature, the heat pump operates at reduced power.

The Full Inverter heat pump thus operates more stably. The compressor avoids frequent starts and stops. All this results in an energy saving of more than 35% compared to an ON/OFF swimming pool heat pump.

Reversible hot / cold

The Mag Fi effectively competes with conventional heat pumps, offering a reversible functionality that both cools and warms your pool water. This versatility is particularly beneficial for small pools, where excessive heat due to sun exposure can lead to algae growth on the liner.

Integrated WiFi connection

Because pool equipment, however efficient, must be simple to use, Poolex equips its heat pumps with WiFi functionality. Find the information from your pump's control panel on your smartphone.

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Model 4 kW 5 kW
Reference PC-MAG040FI PC-MAG050FI
Pool Volume (m3) 15 - 28 m³ 20 - 35 m³
Air 26°C
Water 26°C
Humidity 80%
Capacity (kW) 1.7~4.1 2.1~5.1
Power Consumption (kW) 0.136~0.721 0.168~0.898
COP 12.5~5.68 12.5~5.68
Air 15°C
Water 26°C
Humidity 70% 
Capacity (kW) 1.06~3.0 1.36~3.8
Power Consumption (kW) 0.151~0.666 0.194~0.844
COP 7.0~4.5 7.0~4.5
Power Supply Single Phase 220-240V / 50Hz
Max Power (W) 1200 1500
Operating Range -10°C ~ 43°C
Heating Temperature Range 10°C / 40°C
Max Intensity (A) 5.4 6.9
Flow Rate (m3/h) 2 2.5
Refrigerant R32
Packaging Dimensions (mm) 470x380x480
Dimensions (mm) 420x290x430
Net / Gross Weight (kg) 21.5 / 23 23.5 / 25
Noise at 1m (dB(A)) <44 <44
Noise at 4m (dB(A)) <35 <36
Noise at 10 m(dB(A)) <23 <25
Type of Compressor Rotary
Compressor Brand Toshiba
Heat Exchanger Twisted Tech© Titanium
Function Heating / Cooling
Pressure Drop (mCE) 1.1 1.2

Heat Pump
Against Titanium Coil Corrosion

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