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Why choose the Megaline Fi swimming pool heat pump

At Poolex, we understand that heating is a fundamental issue for local authorities and that it represents a major item of expenditure. That's why we designed the Megaline Fi.

With components selected from the leading brands on the market, and intelligent electronic management, the Megaline Fi adapts to the most demanding conditions of use.

It is equipped with the latest generation of Mitsubishi multi-frequency rotary compressors for optimum energy efficiency. Combined with controlled power consumption, they give the Megaline Fi one of the best COPs on the market. The fan modulates its speed according to the temperature of the evaporator, delivering only the airflow required. This intelligent management of the power supplied significantly reduces electricity consumption and operating noise.

The Megaline Fi vertical ventilation also reduces acoustic pressure. This type of ventilation requires very little installation space, and the heat pump can be installed close to where you live.

Its large, multilingual control panel displays all the information you need for simple operation. Advanced functions also allow you to view status history and error codes. Control your heat pump at your fingertips and receive key information directly on your smartphone, wherever you are thanks to the WiFi connection.

With its stainless steel structure, the Megaline Fi is ready to take on any challenge.

A Poolex innovation, the Megaline Fi includes a structure designed to be lifted and handled, making it easy to install.

Our network of partner installers, regularly trained in this type of product, can provide tailor-made support, from sizing to maintenance.

Full inverter technology for more energy savings

Popular in the domestic heating and air conditioning sectors, Full Inverter technology adjusts precisely the fan and the compressor, turning the heat pump into a smart pump.

The compressor starts up gradually. An automatic regulator boosts the heat pump's capacity for a rapid rise in temperature when the set temperature is far from the pool temperature. During the season, to maintain the set temperature, the heat pump operates at reduced power.

The Full Inverter heat pump therefore operates more stably. The compressor avoids sudden starts and stops. All this for energy savings of over 35% compared with an ON/OFF pool heat pump.

Mitsubishi multi-frequency rotary compressors

As a large-volume heat pump, the Megaline Fi is equipped with multi-frequency rotary compressors, creating the compression of the refrigerant gas needed for the heating and cooling action.

This type of compressor optimises the operation of the heat pump, delivering a COP of around 7.5 and considerably reducing noise levels.

Stainless steel structure and powder-coated galvanised steel casing

The Megaline Fi is optimised right down to the heat pump casing. The structure is made from stainless steel and the ventilation panels from powder-coated galvanised steel. These materials and finishes are renowned for their resistance to the elements and corrosion. Whether outdoors, in the mountains or by the sea, Mégaline Fi is made from the finest materials to withstand all climatic and environmental conditions.

Astonishing acoustic performance

The Megaline Fi's Full Inverter technology, oversized compressor and variable speed fan have an impact on more than just the performance of this large-volume heat pump. These components, combined with vertical ventilation, play an important role in the heat pump's acoustic performance. Emitting vibrations comparable to a television set at 1 metre and a whisper at 10 metres, the Megaline Fi is surprisingly quiet.

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Model Mégaline Fi 50 Mégaline Fi 75 Mégaline Fi 100
Pool volume (m3) Ask for a personalised design study
Air 26°C
Water 26°C
Hygro 80%
Max. output power (kW) 68 102 135
Min. output power (kW) 16.1 24.3 31.9
Power consumption (kW) 9.8~1.2 14.7~1.8 19.3~2.3
COP 13.54~6.93 13.56~6.95 13.59~6.98
Air 15°C
Water 26°C
Hygro 70% 
Max. output power (kW) 50 75 100
Min. output power (kW) 11.7 17.8 23.6
Power consumption (kW) 10.1~1.6 15.1~2.4 20.0~3.1
COP 7.52~4.93 7.55~4.96 7.58~4.99
Power supply Three phase 380/415V
Heating temperature range 15°C ~ 40°C
Cooling temperature range 8°C ~ 28°C
Operating range -15°C ~ 43°C
Max. power (kW) 14.9 22.4 29.8
Flow (3/h) 20 30 40
Refrigerant R32
Dimensions (mm) 1448x800x950 1252x1076x1865 2148x1076x2176
Net weight (kg) 280 450 760
Noise at 1 m (db(A)) ≤70 ≤71 ≤73
Noise at 10 m (db(A)) ≤40 ≤41 ≤42
Compressor type Rotative inverter
Compressor brand Mitsubishi
Heat exchanger Twisted Tech© Titanium
Operation Heating (Full Inverter) / Cooling (Full Inverter) / Silence / Auto
Load loss (mCE) 4 4.2 4.8

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