Nano Turbo

The heat pump dedicated to small swimming pools

for pools
up to 21 m3
down to -5°C

The ideal turbo heat pump for swimming pools up to 21m3.

Even more efficient than before, the Nano Turbo outclasses its competitors with its reversible mode and its capacity to both heat up and cool down a swimming pool. This heat pump operates down to -5 ° C.

With its 32/38mm and 1 ’’ fittings, it can be connected in seconds to all conventional filtration systems, whether in an above-ground, in-ground pool or even a spa.

Simply plug it into an electrical outlet and let the water in your pool heat up.

Designed as a Premium heat pump, the Nano Turbo inherits all the Poolex performance in an ultra compact size and its weight allows it to be easily moved around.

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Gaz R32


  • + Compact and economical
  • + Reversible
  • + Suited to all above-ground swimming pools
  • + Plug & Play
  • + Transportable (20 kg)
  • + Safe electrical connexion
  • + Operates down to -5°C
Heat pump
Titanium coil - against corrosion

compact and economical

As a heat pump dedicated to small pools, the Nano Turbo remains discreet with its compact dimensions and gets easily installed next to the swimming pool whenever it is needed.

With an optimal COP that compares to that of a standard heat pump, the 3kW Nano Turbo is a real economical alternative to the electric heater.

reversible hot/cold

The Nano Turbo has nothing to envy larger heat pumps. With its reversible functionality, it has the capacity to cool down your swimming pool just as much as it can heat it up. A particularly useful feature for small swimming pools where water temperature tends to quickly rise under the sun, feeding algae growth on the liner.

plug & play

With its Plug & Play feature, The Nano Turbo is quickly installed by simply plugging it into an electrical outlet. It does not require any bypass. The 5 metres long cable is fitted with a 10 mA differential protection ensuring usage safety.

Model Nano Turbo
Swimming pool volume (m3) ≤ 21m3
Air 26°C
Water 26°C
Hygro 80%
Capacity (W) 3010
Power consumption (W) 540
COP 5.61
Air 15°C
Water 26°C
Hygro 80%
Capacity (W) 2200
Power consumption (W) 490
COP 4.51
Electricity supply Mono 220-240V/50Hz
Heating temperature range 15°C ~ 40°C
Cooling temperature range 8°C ~ 28°C
Operating range -5°C ~ 43°C
Max power (W) 900
Max current (A) 3.99
Flow (m3/h) 2
Refrigerant R32
Packaging dimensions (mm) 460x370x415
Dimensions (mm) 400x280x385
Net/Gross weight (kg) 18 / 20
Noise level at 1 m(dB(A)) <53
Noise level at 10 m(dB(A)) <33
Compressor type Rotary
Compressor brand Toshiba
Heat exchanger Twisted Tech© Titanium
Function Heating/Cooling
Load losses (mCE) 0.8
heat pump configurator A simple tool to find the perfect heat pump for any type of swimming pool
Maintenance kit with multi language manual
32-38mm PVC connectors
Differential electrical socket
Packaging ready to buy
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