Patented antifreeze system WiFi technology Silent Three phase

Why choose the Silent Jet Fi swimming pool heat pump

A reduced noise level never reached thanks to a concentrate of innovative technologies

Dressed in a sleek-looking casing, the Silent Jet Fi flaunts its cutting edge technologies right next to the swimming pool in full view of all: rear blowing and Full Inverter technology turn it into the quietest heat pump on the market.

Full Inverter technology translates into significant energy savings of up to 35% compared to an on/off heat pump. This is enabled through functionalities such as soft-start and an operating speed which continuously adapts itself according to the pool set temperature. This cutting-edge technology also means that the Silent Jet Fi is extremely quiet since its compressor and fan rarely turn at full speed.

Add to this rear ventilation and you have a significant advantage. A heat pump that can be installed as close as possible to the pool, as the air is blown away from the passageway between the pool and its equipment. Relaxing on your deckchair, you don't have to suffer the noise of your swimming pool heat pump.

Discreet in its operation, the Silent Jet Fi fits perfectly around the pool and its contemporary design brings a touch of elegance to the outdoor space.

Full inverter technology for more energy savings

Popular in the domestic heating and air conditioning sectors, Full Inverter technology adjusts precisely the fan and the compressor, turning the heat pump into a smart pump.

The compressor starts up gradually. An automatic regulator boosts the heat pump's capacity for a rapid rise in temperature when the set temperature is far from the pool temperature. During the season, to maintain the set temperature, the heat pump operates at reduced power.

The Full Inverter heat pump therefore operates more stably. The compressor avoids sudden starts and stops. All this for energy savings of over 35% compared with an ON/OFF pool heat pump.

New rear ventilation technology

Thanks to its rear ventilation, the Silent Jet Fi runs at an unrivalled level of silence.

With the comfort provided by this type of out-of-reach discharge, the heat pump is no longer hidden away in a technical room; it's more comfortable to install it openly around the pool.

Sleek contemporary design

With its streamlined casing, the Silent Jet Fi pool heat pump not only blends in with its surroundings, but also adds a contemporary touch to the architecture of the exterior.

Integrated Wifi connection

As with your home air conditioning, lighting and maybe even your alarm, you can now control your pool heating from the same app.

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Model Silent Jet Fi 60 Silent Jet Fi 90 Silent Jet Fi 120 Silent Jet Fi 160 Silent Jet Fi 210 Silent Jet Fi
160 tri
Silent Jet Fi
210 tri
Pool volume (m3) From 35 to 50 From 50 to 70 From 65 to 85 From 80 to 115 From 115 to 150 From 80 to 115 From 115 to 150
Air 26°C
Water 26°C
Hygro 80%
Max. Output power (kW) 7.8 12.5 15.5 21.5 27 22 27
Min. Output power (kW) 2.46 2.2 2.4 3.3 4.3 3.3 4.3
COP 13.5~6.1 16.5~6.1 16.6~6.5 16.7~6.2 16.5~6.3 17.1~6.6 16.5~6.3
Air 15°C
Water 26°C
Hygro 70% 
Max. Output power (kW) 6.1 9.05 11.5 16 20.5 16 20.5
Min. Output power (kW) 1.4 1.6 1.9 2.48 3.2 2.6 3.2
COP 7.5~4.7 7.2~4.7 7.6~4.9 7.7~4.8 7.8~4.7 7.9~5.0 7.8~4.7
Power supply Mono 230 V / 50 Hz Tri 415V / 50Hz
Heating temperature range 15°C~ 40°C
Cooling temperature range 8°C~ 28°C
Operating range -7°C~ 43°C
Flow (3/h) 2~4 4~6 5~7 7~9 9~11 7~9 9~11
Refrigerant R32
Packaging dimensions (mm) 944x420x802 1043x440x802 1147x454x882 1279x484x972
Dimensions (mm) 870x355x622 975x376x622 1040x406x722 1060x436x822
Net weight (kg) 46 56 69 73 92 89 92
Noise at 1 m (db(A)) 37~49 38~50 39~51 40~52 45~56 40~52 45~56
Noise at 10 m (db(A)) 19~28 19~29 20~30 21~31 23~35 21~31 23~35
Compressor type Hermetic Rotary DC Inverter
Compressor brand Toshiba
Heat exchanger Twisted Tech©Titanium
Operation Heating, Cooling, Automatic

Heat pump
Against corrosion on the titanium coil


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