Silent Max

A heat pump that knows how to be discreet
for swimming pools
up to 85 m3
down to -7°
3 versions

Enjoying your favourite drink to the comforting sounds of the garden. Suddenly some other noise can be heard in the background. Has this ever happened to you? A majority of homeowners complain about the noise of their swimming pool heat pump!

Inverter technology and rear ventilation, two cutting-edge technologies that make the Silent Max the ultra-quiet heat pump that you can install near your swimming pool in complete peace of mind.

Poolex is the first brand to integrate rear ventilation on its heat pumps. By diverting used air away from the pool area, the pump becomes quieter.

The level of silence is further enhanced with Poolex's flagship technology, Full Inverter. The Poolex heat pump never runs at full speed. Its compressor and fan modulate their operation to keep water temperature constant.

Full Inverter provides significant energy savings as this type of operation avoids any heating or cooling peaks. The Silent Max is a very energy-efficient and environmentally friendly heat pump.

And to make itself even more discreet, the Silent Max has a modern, sleek casing that blends in with the garden and its decor.


  • + Full Inverter Technology +35% savings
  • + Silence level never attained
  • + Soft start
  • + Compatible with salt treatment
  • + Twisted Tech© titanium heat exchanger
Heat pump
Titanium coil (against corrosion)

Full Inverter Technology +35% savings

Do you know the "Cruise Control" in a car? It automatically modulates its performance according to the set speed. No jerking and no over-consumption.

With Full Inverter technology, two main components of the heat pump have the ability to adapt their frequency and speed of operation to the actual conditions. The Poolex Silent Max full inverter heat pump modulates its output according to heating needs. This prevents peaks in consumption and reduces your energy consumption.

Its fan, in turn, adapts to the effort provided by the compressor. With these two elements able to modulate their level of operation, your heat pump runs in a constant and controlled manner. You benefit from an economical and ultra-quiet equipment.

New rear ventilation technology

The Silent Max's operating sound is as low as the noise you may find in a bedroom. So you can whisper all the latest news of the neighbourhood to your friend while lounging by the pool.

The Full Inverter with its variable operating mode contributes greatly to the quietness of the Poolex Silent Max.

A noise level further reduced with a ventilation extended to the rear of the equipment. The Silent Max is quieter than any other pool heat pump on the market.

With the comfort that brings this type of out-of-reach ventilation, the heat pump gains in silence and can dress up in a uniform, sleek modern shell. The Silent Max does not hide in a technical room; it is prefers to be installed openly near the pool.

Integrated Wi-Fi

Control your heat pump wherever you are from your smartphone.

Just as it is the cas for your home air-conditioning, lighting and alarm, your swimming pool heating can now be controlled throught the same application.

R32 Gas, more respectful of the environment

Not only does your swimming pool heat pump use less energy, but the refrigerant gas is also more environmentally friendly.

Poolex heat pumps use the new environmentally friendly refrigerant R32. A more efficient refrigerant with less impact on the ozone layer.

Model Silent Max 80 Silent Max 125 Silent Max 155
Swimming pool volume (m3) From 35 to 50 From 50 to 70 From 65 to 85
Air 26°C
Water 26°C
Hygro 80%
Max. power output (kW) 7.45 12.3 15
Min. power output (kW) 2.46 2.2 2.4
COP 13.5~6.1 16.5~6.4 16.6~6.5
Air 15°C
Water 26°C
Hygro 70% 
Max. power output (kW) 6 9.05 11.2
Min. power output (kW) 1.4 1.6 1.9
COP 7.5~4.6 7.2~4.7 7.6~4.8
Power supply Mono 230V/50Hz
Heating temperature range 15°C ~ 40°C
Cooling temperature range 8°C ~ 28°C
Operating range -7°C ~ 43°C
Flow (m3/h) 2~4 4~6 5~7
Refrigerant R32
Packaging dimensions (mm) 944x420x802 1043x440x802 1147x454x882
Dimensions (mm) 870x355x647 975x376x647 1040x406x747
Net weight (kg) 46 56 72.5
Noise level at 1 m(dB(A)) 37~49 38~50 39~51
Noise level at 10 m(dB(A)) 19~28 19~29 20~30
Compressor type Hermetic Rotary DC Inverter Compressor
Compressor brand Toshiba
Exchanger Twisted Tech© Titanium
Function Heating, cooling, automatic
heat pump configurator A simple tool to find the perfect heat pump for any type of swimming pool
Maintenance kit including multi-language user manual
Anti-vibration support kit
PVC connectors 50mm 1" ½
Condensate discharge pipe
Winter storage cover
Delivered on a wooden pallet
Product Datasheet Documents